2013/08/05 NXN Technology Launches New Product Series



  NXN Technology, the leading manufacturer of industrial M2M terminal networking devices, is pleased to announce the launch of new series of products. As the “Internet of Things (IoT)” generation has approaches, NXN has been expanding its R&D forces and making all efforts to develop new cutting-edge products series to adopt more diverse applications, so to fulfill your diverse M2M application demands. And with the support of complete Modbus Master/Slave mode and Modbus protocol conversion, as well as
integrated TCP/IP stack, allows you to connect and control your remote serial and Ethernet devices to your computer easily.

  The newly launched industrial M2M devices includes: GSM/GPRS cellular modem, serial device server, cellular network server, data logger, DAQ, and SMS alarm controller. NXN’s mission is to make manually controlled devices to auto and remote-controlled networking devices. For the customers that are already using our old GT and GV series, please note that the newly enhanced and features-added devices will be totally compatible with your existing solutions and can fully replace the old models. The list of upgraded devices that are associated with the old models is as below:

GT-431、GT-511、GT-511MD、GT-511MC → iDT1-1420G

GV-431、GV-511 → iDT1-1420GP

  Some of the new products are already available for sales and some will be released within the near future. Please stay in tuned, and you are very welcomes please contact us for more information and price on the new products, and we would always do our best to provide you the best service. Thank you.