Ballscrew and motion control components


HIWIN Technologies, the Leader of ballscrew and motion control components is Successfully Integrated with NXN’s Utilization Management System

【Case Study】

Hiwin Technologies Corp., Taiwan`s largest manufacturer of linear-motion devices, Focusing on the capabilities of innovation and cultivation in branding for years, HIWIN has already surpassed its competitors in Europe, America and Japan, and it is renowned as one of the three-largest manufacturer of precision linear-motion devices with major products including ball screws, linear guideways and industrial robots, which are widely employed by the precision machine tools, optoelectronics, solar energy, semiconductor, environmental protection, energy-saving, industrial machinery and biotechnology sectors.. The company has won numerous Gold and Silver Awards from Taiwan Excellence Award, Gold Award from National Product Image Award, Industry Contribution Award from National Invention and Creation Award, and so on…

For many manufacturers, the equipment malfunction problem has been a serious problem to production, and also very harmful to the corporate profits. HIWIN Technologies has a large number of various equipments used in daily production; once production malfunctions occurs, it is not easy to be found and solved. Moreover, the measuring instruments for value collection are also unstable, making it difficult to compile statistics for the utilization rate of each equipment, which results many problems for cost & quality control. Therefore, how to monitor and control a great number of equipments has become a major issue for management.

【Requirements for Application】

Connect to various of equipments and to obtain machine utilization status & statistics.

Capable of connecting to Ethernet & Wi-Fi networking.

Available to give & adjust authority to each staff for machine operation.

Real time update for tension & torque value, self-checking timing and measurement results.

Display the status of work order: regular production or rework production.

Alerts for machine malfunction, molding tool set-up time, online management for utilization rate.


The iDAQ Data Collector is able to collect and calculate production volume automatically, and also it can read the production status from machines, whether it is in regular production, rework production, molding tool set-up, machine warm-up, or others. It enables user to check tension & torque value and self-check result, and alert notifications can be sent via SMS text messages or emails once any malfunction occurs. With data collection combined with online-display management, user is able to realize precise data collection, real-time monitor on the production, thus making it easy for more active management for policy-making.