Functional Din-Rail Manufacturers


One of the 3 Leading Functional Din-Rail Manufacturers Integrates with NXN’s Utilization Management System in Taiwan Factory

【Case Study】

This manufacturer specializes in precision ball bearing drawer slides, which is mainly used in office, home furnishing, kitchen cabinets, wooden furniture, tool drawers, industrial computers, servers cabinet, POS system/ multi-media streaming machines, electric appliances, copy machines, automatic teller machines (ATM)… etc. This factory has numerous of roll forming machines, punching machines and automatic/semi-automatic assembly machines. Since the products belong to the application of niche market, the high mix and low volume manufacturing becomes a challenge for production scheduling, machine utilization and personnel management. So how to make the three indicators (production resume, machine utilization rate, and personnel efficiency) systematic and real-time collected has become an important task for the production management system.

【Requirements for Application】

Able to acquire data and status from roll forming machines and punching machines.

Capable of connecting to Ethernet and WiFi networking, which helps for network integration.

Real-time update for production hours, self- inspection timing and results.

The integration of the collected data to ERP database.

Update for the reason of machine shutdown, set up time of molding tool, feed consumption of first article inspection.


User can collect data such as production volume and status through the iDAQ data collector, including actual work time of roll forming machines, work time of punching machines, feed consumption of first article inspection, machine downtime and shutdown reason, molding tool management, and so on. The collected information allows user to adjust work time and production scheduling properly, and to well manage and maintain the molding tools. The iDAQ data collector also provides alert notification for machine malfunction or abnormality by sending SMS text messages and emails, and it is designed with fool-proofing mechanism for work orders, molding tools and machines. With the real-time data acquisition along with the integration of ERP system, user can achieve precise, instant and transparent production information for a more productive production management.