NXN Technology, the expert in manufacturing industrial M2M (Machine to Machine) terminal networking devices, has been the leader in designing broadband communication solutions to connect and securely manage remote serial devices and Ethernet equipments over the wireless network (WIFI/GSM/GPRS/CDMA/3G).
Since its establishment in 2003, NXN has presented its strong success by gaining wide recognition in the M2M market. With the focus in developing wired and wireless networking solutions for industrial automation, production monitor/control, remote data acquisition, I/O controllers, Modbus RTU (remote terminal unit) converters, and M2M Central management software, NXN has committed and insist to provide users with labor-saving, low power consumption, ease-of-use, cost effective, and reliable solutions that are engineered and designed for harsh, industrial-type applications.
As the “Internet of Things (IoT)” generation has approaches, NXN has been expanding its R&D forces and making all efforts to develop new cutting-edge products series to adopt more diverse applications, which includes the GSM/GPRS cellular modem, serial device server, cellular network server, data logger, DAQ, and SMS alarm controller. NXN’s mission is to make manually controlled devices to auto and remote-controlled networking devices, enlarging the global economic scale with revolutionary technology, and to become “Your Remote- Access Expert”.


NXN's vision is to become one of the most competitive suppliers of industrial M2M RTU, and to provide users with reliable and comprehensive solutions as well as enabling easier and faster deployment, allowing equipments/devices to connect to the network with only finger-tips.

Core Value

Technology Innovation:Continue research and development in software/hardware application integration for network streaming technology.
Focus on the Core:Focus on “Internet of Things (IoT)” as the center core of all developments
Cultivate Customers:Provide customers with value-oriented customized services in diversity
Value-added Applications:Help customers to realize and increase the value of their solutions and services