Industrial Cellular modems



1 Port RS -232 / 422 / 485, 4 DI, 2 DO

The iDT1-1420G industrial cellular modem is designed to connect serial devices to GSM/GPRS networks for the remote monitoring and alarm generation. The support of complete Modbus Master/Slave mode and Modbus protocol conversion, as well as integrated TCP/IP stack allows the implementation of simple control systems into the GPRS network. The iDT1-1420G is able to send stored email and/or SMS text to user-defined numbers when the digital inputs are activated, and the 2 built-in relay outputs can indicate the priority of events when notifying your staff at the field, thus making iDT1-1420G the ideal tool to help you monitor and control your assets remotely.

  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • LED indicators for activity status and GSM signal level
  • Integrated TCP/IP stack, Modbus protocol conversion
  • Time- based and event-based access/voice call-back function
  • Surge protection for power lines and 1.5KV ESD for serial ports
  • EZComm Software: IP to virtual serial port conversion
  • EZAdm Utility: parameter configuration and firmware upgrade remotely
  • Configurable security setting-list for authorized IP addresses and telephone numbers
Cellular Interface
Radio Frequency StandardGSM/GPRS
Band optionsQuad-band 850/EGSM 900/DCS 1800/PCS 1900 (Software Selectable)
Multi-slot Class CapableClass 10
Mobile Station ClassClass B
Coding SchemesCS1, CS2, CS3, CS4
Transmission RateUp to 85.6K bps
Transmission PowerTransfer Mode class 10 (3Rx/2Tx): 1.4 Watts @GSM 850 / EGSM 900,
Transfer Mode class 10 (3Rx/2Tx): 1 Watt @ DCS 1800 / PCS 1900
SIM Card Type1.8V / 3 V
Serial Interface
Number of Ports1
Serial ConnectorTerminal block
Serial Signal TypesRS-232/422/485 (Software Selectable)
Terminal ResistorNone/120Ω(Hardware Selectable)
Data Bits5/6/7/8
Stop Bits1/1.5/2
Flow ControlRTS/CTS, XON/XOFF for RS232, XON/XOFF for 422 and 485
Baud rate100 bps to 230.4 Kbps
ESD Protection15 KV
I/O Interface
Digital Output2 relay output with current carrying capacity of DC 1A @ 24 VDC / AC 0.5A @ 125VAC
Digital Inputs4 dry-contact inputs (open – on , grounded – off )
Power Requirements
Power InputsTerminal block,
Input Voltage9 to 35 VDC
Power Consumption170 mA (Idle), 650 mA (peak) @12VDC
Physical Characteristics
Weight300±5 g
Dimensions(L x W x H)92 x 86 x 40 mm (3.62 x 3.38 x 1.57 in)
Environmental Limits
Operating TemperatureStandard Models: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Storage Temperature-40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Ambient Relative Humidity5 to 95%RH
Warranty Period2 years
Device Function
Network ProtocolsPPP, IP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, DNS, DDNS , SNTP, SMTP, Telnet
Industrial Standard ProtocolsModbus TCP/RTU/ASCII
SecurityIP filtering, user name and password, ignore Ping command
Auto date/time synchronizationAutomatically sync date and time on the network time server.
Dynamic domain name updatingSupport DDNS protocol for regular update device IP address to DDNS Server
SMS TransferEvent alert SMS sending (support multi-language)
Email TransferEvent alert mail sending
Console InterfaceWindows Console (IP/Serial Port), Telnet Console
Independently networking operationSupport TCP Server, TCP Client and UDP on each interface.
Connecting Operation ModeTCP Client support permanent, timestamp, voice callback connection
Serial PortData transparent (TCP Server, TCP Client)
Pair Connection (TCP Server, TCP Client)
Modbus TCP to RTU/ASCII converter
Digital input/outputModbus Master (Modbus Unsolicited), Modbus Slave
Firmware UpgradeAvailable for remote or local firmware upgrade
EZAdmParameter configuration and concurrent firmware upgrade remotely for multiple devices
EZCommRemaps device serial port to virtual serial port.(IP to Serial)
Data Sheet